JCW Sport suspension

Make the road feel like a motorsport race track: The height-adjustable sport suspension was developed with the help of professional test drivers on the Nürburgring race track. It yields noticeably better road holding, very high stability and perfect handling. For the ultimate go-kart feeling – on the race track as well as in everyday driving situations.

Height-adjustable Sport suspension (range: -10 mm to -30 mm), including coil springs in red. Components: two stainless steel complete suspension struts with adjustable spring plates for the front axle, two dampers for the rear axle, two single suspension struts with adjustable spring plate for the rear axle. For vehicles without Dynamic Damper Control (option 223).

Part number: 33 50 2 361 197, 33 50 2 412 586.

  • Fitted at your MINI centre Fitting time: 390 mins

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