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5 clever tips for learning Latin American Spanish

Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, so learning it is more than a whim, it is a skill that can be very helpful. It is enough to know that it is the second language with the most native speakers in the world and that there are Spanish-speaking communities on all continents (for the exception of Antarctica).

Although it is a difficult language to learn and master, it can be fun and easy with the following tips.

1) Choose a dialect

Even it is one single language there are many dialects of Spanish, which means that you should say for one to master it, that could help you with the verb conjugations since Latin American Spanish does not contain the conjugations of the pronoun "vosotros" as the Spanish of Spain. One less problem!

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2) Acclimatize with your things

Spanish is one of the fastest languages, so following a conversation could be difficult. We recommend configuring your phone in this language and watch TV programs or movies simply enjoying the melodic of this language… and try not using subtitles.

3) Learn the use of the preterit

If you have already decided on the variant that you will learn, you should know what time is the most used. In Spain, verb constructions with perfect tenses are used, so their constructions are similar: He comido (I have eaten), Él ha comido (He has eaten).

In Latin America, the preterit is used more in the constructions, without the pronoun appearing directly, so you will find conjugations like Comí (I ate), Él comió (he ate).

4) Identify the difference between “Vos” and “Tú”

While in North America and some Central American and Caribbean countries the use of “tú” as a second person is more common, in South America and other Central American countries the “vos” is used more. Therefore, the verb that accompanies this person will change depending on the “vos” or “tú”: Vos sabés Vs. Tú sabes.

5) Join a community

In a community of people interested in this language, you will be able to practice, continue your learning and correct your pronunciation. Most of these are free and there are plenty of them on Social Media.

We hope that with these simple tricks your learning will be faster and more efficient. We recommend you read our articles in Spanish about Latin American lifestyle and culture. Here are some recommendations:

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