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MINI Convertible on the street.


Life is a journey and not a destination with the sporty MINI Convertible. Full of unique features, it gives you more power, more handling, more freedom and great customisation options. It’s just the car you want to stimulate your senses, make you feel more alive – and look incredibly stylish in the sunshine. Leave your troubles behind as you experience that legendary MINI go-kart feeling on an awesome day, on your favourite road.


Life is a journey and not a destination with the sporty MINI Convertible. Full of unique features, it gives you more power, more handling, more freedom and great customisation options. It’s just the car you want to stimulate your senses, make you feel more alive – and look incredibly stylish in the sunshine. Leave your troubles behind as you experience that legendary MINI go-kart feeling on an awesome day, on your favourite road.

Selected Highlights

MINI Convertible – side view.


From the ample space between the soft top and steeply raked windscreen, the feisty fuel-efficient engine, to the hood’s quietly intelligent Z-folding mechanism, this sporty convertible offers an authentic and unforgettable open-air enjoyment. So grab and share those moments next time the sun is out. With unlimted headroom, there’s always a little more to enjoy.

MINI Convertible – cockpit.


Driving your MINI Convertible should be as easy as possible so that you can open up to everything the road has to offer. The MINI Connected XL Journey Mate warns you where traffic jams are, finds parking spots or places to refuel – and more besides. Hook your smartphone up to your MINI and you’re set. The MINI Always Open Timer records the total time you enjoy driving with the roof down. While the Rain Warner helps keep you one step ahead of the clouds. (Check local availability at your MINI Dealer.)


The Easy Load Function increases the size of the luggage compartment opening by pushing up the roof base – making loading your cargo an effortless task. And when the top is closed, the luggage compartment offers a generous cargo capacity of 215 litres.

Control & Assistance

We’ve Got You Covered.

Your intense open-air pleasure is our goal. But so is your wellbeing. For this reason, MINI provides a range of professional control and assistance measures to support you at all times to ensure your maximum possible safety – and enjoyment. (Check local availability at your MINI Dealer.)

MINI – Active rollover protection system.

Active rollover protection system.

Your safety comes first. To this end, every MINI Convertible is fitted with an invisible roll bar that deploys within a fraction of a second to give you and your passengers additional head protection in a rollover accident. It’s embedded behind the seats and is neatly disguised by elegant matte black caps. Together with the rigid body structure and robust frames, this protection system creates a safe occupant cell should the vehicle ever overturn.


Rain Warner.

Stay one step ahead of the weather with the MINI Rain Warner. Wherever you are in the world, this useful app sends alerts to your smartphone and the MINI Centre Instrument if precipitation – like rain, snow, hail or drizzle – is expected and advises you when you might want to close your top. It helps you see into the future and make the most of the weather you’re up against. The Rain Warner is part of MINI Connected XL.

MINI – Easy Load function.

Easy Load function.

You have more space for luggage than you probably think thanks to MINI’s ingenous use of space and the MINI Convertible’s Easy Load function. First of all, it makes loading your bags a breeze. And by simply pushing up the roof base, you can access the full height and width of your boot. When the top is closed, the luggage compartment gives you a highly generous luggage capacity of 215 litres – with space for large-format items like surfboards, too.

MINI Head-Up Display.

MINI Head-Up Display.

The optional MINI Head-Up display helps you to keep your head up for a safe and convenient driving experience. It’s a transparent screen installed on your MINI’s dashboard. It relays essential information directly into your field of vision – like driving speed, navigation info and telephone & entertainment details. It also ensures you keep your eyes firmly on the road ahead. (Check local availability at your MINI Dealer.)


Infotain Me.

Whether you need directions or you want to crank up the volume for a while, your MINI offers many options for navigating, communicating and playing music – all with intelligent voice control. Connectivity meets hands-free control meets great sound.

MINI Centre Instrument.

MINI Centre Instrument.

Housed in an iconic MINI circular interface with an exquisite high-resolution colour display, the MINI Centre Instrument is your window to a world of advanced MINI Connected technology and online services. Your entertainment, news and navigation are all controlled by this beautiful optional crystal-clear screen nesting within the dashboard's elegant contours. It’s your one-stop source of information and is ready to make every journey a veritable event.

MINI – Always Open Timer.

Always Open Timer.

Want to know exactly how much fun in the sun you’ve had? That’s where the MINI Always Open Timer comes in. As soon as the top is down, the timer starts going up. Measured in hours and minutes, you’ll be able to tell just how much vitamin D quality time you’ve clocked while getting where you need to be.

Radio MINI Visual Boost

Radio MINI Visual Boost.

Turn your MINI into your mobile cinema with the versatile Radio MINI Visual Boost. The 6.5-inch intuitive high-res screen takes your in-car infotainment to the next level. Four mid-range speakers and two subwoofers deliver a fully immersive sound experience. And compatible devices can be connected via Bluetooth for hands-free telephony and other convenient functions. Open up to a new world of driving entertainment.

MINI Navigation Professional.

MINI Navigation Professional.

Setting the course. MINI Navigation Professional takes things a whole way further. This optional feature comes with a stunning 8.8" high-resolution, full-colour display with split screen functionality that allows two activities to be visible at the same time. It gives you an impressive 25GB of entertainment, 3D navigation, satellite pics and the MINI touch controller. Let it lead the way.

Design & Performance

Top-down Driving Like Never Before.

Evocative of good times, the MINI Convertible delivers the perfect blend of power and classic features – designed to awaken your senses and let you experience a thrilling drive. What better way to see some of the coolest cities in the world?



It’s not just the iconic silhouette of your MINI that makes it unique. The MINI Yours range offers great hallmark customisation options that let your MINI reflect your personal style. This tradition and our attention to detail is the inspiration and driving force behind, for example, the MINI convertible soft top. Understated black is the standard colour – but you can cruise Britannia with the unique, woven MINI Yours Union Jack version.

MINI logo projection.

MINI logo projection.

The optional MINI Logo Projection displays a beam of light from the driver side mirror. Depending on your point of view, this can either greet you as you enter the car – or it will guide you to its location by a beam of light on the ground. Consider it to be your clarion call to an immediate course of action.

Ambient Light.

Create the perfect atmosphere for the stylish interior of your MINI with Ambient Light and let it reflect your mood. The colour in the cabin, and the radiant LED ring around the Centre Instrument is customisable. You can even get the ring to change colours in response to events – like when you accelerate, or receive an incoming call. You can also simply set it to one colour for a constant mellow mood in the cockpit. It’s up to you.

Trim Levels

MINI Salt Trim.


Unleash the fine art of seasoning. Transform your hatch into something a bit special when you add the MINI Salt Trim. It includes velour floor mats in a storage package, an on-board computer and some impressive interior lighting options, like the welcome light, reading lights and well-lit vanity mirrors. (This equipment may vary in your country, please check at your local dealer)

MINI Pepper Trim.


The Pepper Trim gives you some exciting à la carte extras that add even more flavour to your box-fresh MINI. It gives you everything in the Salt Trim plus some smart add-ons like the sports leather steering wheel, and a rain sensor that automatically adjusts your wipers and headlights. The One/One D also comes with beautiful 15" Heli Spoke light alloy wheels in silver whereas a Cooper/Cooper D will get an upgrade to 16” Loop Spoke light alloy wheels. (This equipment may vary in your country, please check at your local dealer)

MINI Chili Trim.


These amazing chili add-ons will spice up your MINI. Make it instantly more appealing with new aesthetic alloys, enhanced upholstery and LED headlights – not to mention sports seats in the front and a sports leather steering wheel for that extra dash of racetrack flair. (This equipment may vary in your country, please check at your local dealer)

John Cooper Works Chili Trim.


The John Cooper Works Chili Trim gives you the ultimate sports styling – such as a John Cooper Works rear spoiler, steering wheel, aerodynamic body kit and 18" two-tone wheels. And it includes the full MINI Excitement Package and an analyser to increase your driving skills and precision. (This equipment may vary in your country, please check at your local dealer)

Customisation & Packages

How Could Yours Look Tomorrow?

Lights. Colours. Wheels. Plenty to choose from. And a host of other interior and exterior options, too. Such as door sills, dash surfaces, bonnet stripes, mirror caps, or side scuttles. Endless scope for you to be anyone – and get away with it.

MINI Convertible – alloy wheels.


It’s not just the driving excitement that’s unique. We offer you an enormous scope for customising your MINI to reflect your own personal style – and all engineered for your specific MINI model’s performance. MINI has the rim colours and spoke styles to suit all tastes. Why not try a few to see what they look like on your MINI? Go to our Configurator now.

MINI Convertible – colour range.

Colour Creativity.

Depending on your point of view, our latest collection of colours for customising your MINI’s exterior combines curious, exclusive and expressive paint finishes that you can apply to give it your personal stamp. Now with fifteen colours to choose from, you can make your MINI as sophisticated or sporty as you wish. You can also add a further splash by adding some cool accessories such bonnet stripes, sport stripes and side scuttle trims. Find your colour.

MINI – refined upholstery.

Refined Upholstery.

Here at MINI, materials certainly matter. Our tradition of customisation and attention to detail is the driving force behind every option we offer. And our high-quality seat upholstery and trim is one fantastic way of giving your MINI a custom touch. We’ve carefully selected the finest top-grain leather, all crafted with rich embellishments that round off the artisan feel – like the new optional Chester Leather seats with diamond-pattern, contrast stitching. Indulge yourself.

MINI Yours – more individuality.

ME. MINI Yours. I.

You enjoy your individuality. You follow your inspiration. For this reason, your MINI should reflect your very own style. The MINI Yours programme is all about the highest-quality materials, stylish designs and precise craftsmanship. We offer a selection of sophisticated paint finishes and stylish alloy wheels for your exterior. While interior options include the finest leather for your seats and steering – in combination with highest-quality wood and meticulous workmanship. (Optional equipment)

MINI Always Open Pack


When you’re out driving, we want you to open up to everything the road has to offer. And the MINI Always Open Pack enables you to do just that by giving you the comfort and convenience you desire. If the weather’s nice but it’s still nippy outside, the Heated Front Seats will certainly ensure you have a wonderfully relaxed driving experience. The Wind Deflector, which can also be detached and folded away, makes driving even more pleasurable by giving you protection from draughts. The MINI Always Open Timer serves to measure how long the sunlight has been caressing your skin as it records the total time you enjoy driving with the roof down. And the Comfort Access system not only enables you to unlock your door and boot without taking the key out of your pocket – it also lets you open and close the roof from outside the car with one press of the remote. Take comfort and convenience to a whole new level with the Always Open Pack.

John Cooper Works

Go all out.

More power. More exclusive enhancements. And more fun. MINI John Cooper Works models are descended from John Cooper’s rally legends and are just as impressive now as when they were champions of the track. If you are looking to up the excitement as well as the exclusivity of your MINI, look no further.


MINI Convertible Side Dimensions
MINI Convertible front-rear Dimensions

MINI Convertible


MINI Convertible
l/100 km disclaimer
s 0-62 mph (0-100 km) disclaimer
5,3, , 5.3
Cooper S
6,2, , 6.2
John Cooper Works
6,8, , 6.8